Rotating equipment and auxiliary systems

The purpose of the electrical tests listed is to determine the current condition of the equipment. A Monitoring on a regular and/or continuous basis helps to establish patterns and evaluate the possibility of failures. Remedial actions can be set to prevent breakdowns causing production shutdowns.

Here are the electrical tests we can perform.

› Insulation resistance and polarization index
› Pole drop test
› High-potential test (Hipot tester)
› Winding resistance check
› Power factor test
› ELCID testing
› Partial discharge
› Thermography
› Inspection and testing of circuit breakers, power transformers, protection relays
› Instrumentation
› UV camera inspection
› Ozone generator testing


For an optimal production

Electrical inspections and tests are useful decision-making aids. Since the results are quantifiable and objective, you will learn more about the current state of your equipment and it will allow you to plan maintenance costs for the generator (rotor, stator, and exciter), excitation system and auxiliary systems.

Electrical tests can lead you to perform a planned repair instead of an emergency repair.

Proven expertise in turbine and generator maintenance