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We are committed to using the most efficient tools and cutting-edge methods to reduce the length of our interventions and reduce your operating expenses. Our sense of innovation sets us apart from the competition because we use technologically specialized tools and our employees are selected according to their ability to show ingenuity in problem solving.

At the beginning of 2019, we added the EnerNet™ communication portal, which allows us to share information between our teams and our clients. A selection of equipment/projects receive an EnerNet™ label that, once scanned, automatically connects the client to important documents and data related to the equipment or project.

The client can have access to reports and other important documents as the work progresses, communicate with EnerServ experts, receive notifications (ex.: update, alert, reminder, etc.), review the preventive maintenance plan and monitor certain expert analyses performed by EnerServ.

Advanced maintenance plan
EnerServ offers its clients detailed and customized maintenance plans for their equipment. These detailed plans are designed to reduce the burden of maintenance planning (ex: maintenance schedule, parts, duration, coordination, etc.), reduce maintenance and operating costs and reduce equipment operating risks.

Documentation, history and training
Most of our clients are dealing with labour shortages and the retirements of their operators and managers. To counter this problem, EnerServ offers scanning and documentation services to establish equipment history and facilitate the training of new operators and managers. This information is available through the EnerNet™ portal 24/7 – 365 days a year.

CARE (Condition Assessment Rotating Equipment)
The CARE program provides our clients with a detailed profile of the general state of one or more pieces of equipment (turbines and generators). EnerServ collects data through tests and actions to analyze and identify the cause of a problem that has occurred on a piece of equipment or system in order to correct it and evaluate the lifespan of the components and the group in general. CARE allows our clients to make informed decisions related to the OPEX, CAPEX and ongoing improvement program.



Precise interventions in an optimal delay

› ELCID testing unit to detect stator core imperfections
› FARO laser tracker for 3D long-range measurements
› Vacuum leak detector
› Rotalign™ laser alignment tool
› Dry ice cleaning unit
› Rotor extraction system on rails (Craneless)
› Bolt induction heater
› IRIS TGAB data acquisition (partial discharge)