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We offer a 24/7 turbine and generator emergency repair services. However, to maintain the availability and efficiency of your equipment, it is necessary to be aware of its condition. An in-depth monitoring program using predictive maintenance registers and planned inspections should be implemented to maintain safe and reliable operation.

Every power generation unit contains a crucial electrical aspect that should not be overlooked. Specialized tests and maintenance are required to measure the evolution of your equipment’s condition. Our electrical services not only include tests to establish the condition of generators (rotor, stator, and exciter) during shutdowns but also to monitor operation to minimize the risks of failure and production shutdowns.


EnerServ travels across North America and abroad

Wherever you are, we travel to carry out diagnoses, maintenance, repairs or complete retrofitting of your turbine and/or generator. We use advanced measuring equipment and cutting-edge tools including a user-friendly communication portal (EnerNet™). A project manager will oversee your project from start to finish.

Do you need a turnkey solution for your hydro turbines and generators?

MV2 Hydro provides full support, from diagnostics to commissioning.


Professionalism and safety

With our help, we wish to enable you to exceed your objectives of efficiency and safety through interactive maintenance management of your power production equipment on site. Regardless of how urgent the job may be, we believe that all tasks should be performed safely for our employees, customers and partners. Our approach to this is based on our experience and professionalism in the execution of our projects as well as in the development of our customer relationships.

Team work

During the project, you will keep in touch with the project manager overseeing its every step. You will also have access to on-going progress results via our EnerNet™ information portal. We remain attentive to our customers’ needs and encourage active participation of our team in our projects to improve, adapt and progress.


Our innovative solutions are always performed with the greatest attention to safety, reliability and quality while respecting the environment. We are committed to developing work and management methods allowing us to exceed industry standards. Taking the principles of our quality policy into account, each project we undertake follows a rigorous planning method and meticulous management expertise. Strict adherence to safety standards and processes intended to protect the environment are also an integral part of our priorities.

More than 200 000 man hours worked without incidents resulting in lost time.


Generate value through innovation

The specialized tools that we develop and use are intended to improve the speed and efficiency of our assistance and generate a reduction in your operating expenses. We strive to find solutions to reduce delays brought about by the replacement of our customers’ equipment in order to provide them with an optimal performance of their equipment.

Thanks to our EnerNet™ information portal, you will have access to documents, photos, reports, control sheets, drawings, recommendations and the maintenance program of your equipment.

You will also be able to easily communicate with the expert assigned to you.

EnerNet™ information portal


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