… this is why we take great care of them!

Making a difference

Participating in optimized electrical network projects is something to be proud of. Your dedication and passion are essential to the success of major projects. EnerServ has an excellent reputation as a supplier of innovative, safe and reliable solutions while respecting the environment.

Mentoring program

New EnerServ employees are constantly supported in their training to meet our high quality standards we have set in our company. We have also developed a supervised learning program and computerized tools to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Travel with EnerServ

In sometimes remote and isolated regions in which hydroelectric and thermal power stations are located, you can discover breathtaking natural landscapes.

Are you a nature enthusiast? Joined by your colleagues, you can bring your fishing rod or go for a hike to take advantage of your surroundings.


• Competitive wages including access to bonus
• Training and personal development
• Competitive extended benefits
• Group insurance (including dental insurance)
• Group RRSP
• Flexible off-site schedule
• High autonomy and flexibility of project managers
• Coaching and recognition of achievements
• Healthy balance between private and personal life

A rewarding internship

I am studying at ÉTS and I had the opportunity to do my first internship at EnerServ. Upon my return to university, I heard students complaining about the redundancy of their internship. I can assure you that it was not the case for me!

On Day 1, I left for a job site in Lac-Saint-Jean for a few days. The following week, I completed bureaucratic tasks for the next project. The mix of field and desk work was perfect for me!

According to me, experiencing field work in remote areas is vital in engineering. What I take from this experience is the complexity of the renewable energy field and the importance of power generation equipment.

An internship at EnerServ is a rewarding experience that allows you to meet passionate professionals and connect your academic knowledge to the reality of field work.

A rewarding internship
Jasmin Valcourt

A friendly environment

When I applied for a position at EnerServ, I was simply looking for a job. Instead, I found a second family! I felt welcome as soon as I set foot in the company; I integrated easily and joined the team rapidly. Team work is a fundamental value in the company. The proximity between management and staff is motivating and we feel cared for and accepted. With the numerous opportunities offered to us, we develop a sense of belonging towards the company. Working at EnerServ is having the opportunity to push ourselves daily and aspire to excellence. It is also to join an experienced team on which we can count on to go further. I consider myself honored to be part of a team such as this.

Working at EnerServ is interacting with passionate, competent and welcoming people. It is a strong corporate culture based on family values making you feel at home right away!

A friendly environment
Simon Paquette, P.Eng.Project Manager

Stimulating challenges

Having worked alongside EnerServ, before joining the team for myself, I always admired their expertise, preparedness, resources and most of all the fun they had on projects. The benefit of now having joined the team is that I get to experience those values firsthand, plus it’s also fun to use our top of the line tools, and high-tech equipment.

Working with EnerServ has allowed me to travel to interesting places across Canada with a great group of people, all while seeing cool and unique powerplants and machines. Every project lets you do something new, and challenges you in a different way.


Behind each employee at EnerServ is a team, representing decades of industry experience, and knowing that team is backing me up gives me the confidence to perform on my projects and to overcome any challenges I may face.

Stimulating challenges
Jason Small, P.Eng.Project Manager

Promising internships

During my studies in mechanical engineering at the ÉTS, I had the opportunity to complete three internships at EnerServ. Upon my first internship, I knew I would come back for my other two. I was won over by the camaraderie in the team and the wide range of projects. As I worked for EnerServ, I discovered how hydroelectric and thermal power stations could be as interesting. Today, I am proud to be a project manager in the EnerServ team!

EnerServ employees are competent, customer-oriented and enthusiastic. They love what they do!

Promising internships
Antoine Lagrandeur, P.Eng.Project Manager


We are always looking for interested interns!

EnerServ is a recognized company specializing in the field of hydroelectric and thermal power station services. Located in Granby, it also has operation centres in Vancouver and Calgary. The company specializes in the repair and maintenance of power production equipment. Even though the team has extensive expertise in the field, EnerServ is constantly looking for new recruits to join forces.

Come and see why we are growing quickly and how our employees are proud and satisfied.


Here are the positions where we are looking for talent.



Job description:

• Participate in the development of proposals
• Act as the onsite project manager
• Review contracts, purchase orders, etc
• Oversee and control project schedules and timelines
• Be responsible for the budget
• Respect contractual obligations and procedures
• Follow up on projects with clients and main participants (sub-contractors, company personnel, etc.)
• Identify potential risks and cost overruns. Provide solutions to the encountered problems
• Oversee entire project technical documents (quality control, delays, non-conformity, additional work, endorsements, contract discrepancies and modifications, final reports, etc.)
• Prepare documents required for billing clients
• Manage various tradespeople on site

Job requirements
• College or university degree in electrical engineering
• Minimum 5 years project management experience
• Travel requirements (approximately 70% of the time)
• Onsite experience in hydroelectric or thermal power stations is an asset
• Experience in writing technical documents (proposals, reports, procedures, etc.) is an asset
• Bilingualism an asset: In order to be autonomous in Quebec and to be able to collaborate with French-speaking colleagues or clients

Do you have the qualifications and want to join our dedicated team?



Job description
• Work with hoisting equipment and materials
• Record measurements and dimensions on datasheets
• Inspect machines and material to detect problems
• Clean, inspect and ensure maintenance of the equipment
• Use welding tools
• Assemble machines using manual and electrical tools
• Work under supervision of the site supervisor

Job requirements
• College degree in industrial mechanics or equivalent relevant work experience
• Minimum 3 years of experience
• Onsite experience in hydroelectric or thermal power stations is an asset
• Travel requirements (approximately 70% of the time)
• Ability to read and understand mechanical drawings
• ASP or equivalent safety cards are an asset
• Ability to work as part of a team
• Bilingualism an asset: In order to be autonomous in Quebec and to be able to collaborate with French-speaking colleagues or clients

Do you have the qualifications and want to join our dedicated team?



Job Description

Reporting to the Electrical Technical Director, the Electrical & Instrumentation Technician plans and performs electrical testing and inspections on generators as well as instrument calibration, at different work sites located across Canada and occasionally in the USA. He may have to participate in the development of proposals and write some customer reports concerning the tests performed, either in English or in French.  His responsibilities include monitoring the schedule established for field work and comply with the budget.  When preparing the work, the technician must identify potential risks and make sure work will be performed in compliance with current safety standards. The selected candidate will need to travel approximately 70% of the time for site work.

Job requirements
• College degree in the Electrical Engineering Technician program or equivalent experience
• Training and/or experience in instrumentation
• Electrician Licence « Class C » is considered an asset
• Good IT skills including MS Office software
• English and French speaking and writing skills
• Report writing skills
• Field experience in hydroelectric or thermal energy is considered an asset

Required Profile
• Professional and well-organized
• Attention to detail, thorough and resourceful
• Good communication skills, ability to synthesize
• Good judgment, integrity, flexibility
• Great team player

Do you have the qualifications and want to join our dedicated team?

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