Maintain optimal production and a greater operational reliability

In order to operate at a high level of efficiency, a power stations needs maintenance and constant monitoring. EnerServ’s mechanical inspection and maintenance services for turbines, generators and turbo generators are available for rotating equipment from all manufacturers and up to 500 MW.  The company also strives in fields as diverse as electric power generation, cogeneration, oil and refining, waste burning, paper mills and marine applications.

› Minor inspections: bearings, valves, regulatory systems, reducers
› Boroscope inspections
› Major overhaul services: major overhaul of turbine, blast cleaning, NDT, adjustments
› Alignment of shaft and alignment of turbine internal components
› Vibration analysis
› Oil analysis and oil filtration
› Minor inspection of turbo generator set (bearings, air gap, boroscope inspection, etc.)
› Major overhaul of turbo generator set: removal of rotor, recalibration
› Inspection of auxiliary equipment (HPU, lubrication units, coolers, check valves, etc.)
› Replacement of thermal blankets
› Supply of spare parts, (bolts, joints, sensors, etc.)
› Calibration of equipment-related instrumentation
› Thermography
› Dry ice cleaning
› Reverse engineering
› FARO laser tracker
› Thermal heating


Avoid unexpected production shutdowns

In addition to reducing your operation costs and investment expenditure, a long term service agreement reduces operational risk and provides you with a better peace of mind.

Typical elements in a maintenance plan:
› Valid 3 to 7 years
› Annual maintenance
› Flat rate
› Detailed maintenance plan
› EnerNet™ service included

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